The Real Deal - Celtics 2023

Celtic players and us Fans are dreaming about Banner #18.

But here is the reality.

Celtics defense has not been great all year, only in spurts,

the hot start to the season was due to exceptionally high 3’s dropping,

which is not sustainable. If they are going to win a championship, their defense has to improve,

on a constant basis.

lastly Jason Tatum should not be playing injured, he could create permanent damage and shorten his career,

just ask Isaiah Thomas and Leon Powe, both played thru injuries and derailed their careers.

Tatum is young and wants to win, but at what cost.

if they win a championship this year, but Tatum carreer is shortened, is it worth it?

players have to protect themselves, the team will cut them in a heartbeat, once they are no longer useful.

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