Another Trade Idea...Poeltl & Richardson

I emailed last week in regards to a trade for a backup wing(Bey) and center(Noel) but as the trade deadline nears and both Grousbeck and Stevens mentioned looking at trades to improve the team, I think the Celts need to go all in this year.

Celts trade: G. Williams, Gallinari, Pritchard, Kornet, Jackson & Hauser for Poeltl & Richardson

Losing G Williams, Pritchard, Hauser & Kornet may seem like a lot but adding Poeltl & Richardson will significantly improve the odds of winning a championship. With R. Williams not 100% healthy and probably never be, trading for and resigning Poeltl to a long term contract would be a significant move for the team; brining back Richardson would help spell both Brown and Tatum going forward.

As for losing G. Williams(I would not pay his asking price for a new contract), Pritchard(fan favorite) Kornet, Hauser and Jackson(decent depth), the fact is, outside of G. Williams, none of these players will see any significant time in the playoffs therefor, are dispensable for a championship run. As for replacing them, there will be plenty of bodies on the buyout market to replace them

10 Man Rotation:

Starters: Smart, Brown, Tatum, Horford & R. Williams

Reserves: Brogdon, White, Richardson, Poeltl & Griffin

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