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Celtics preseason open mailbag

Time to wrap up the preseason with a mailbag

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

There are 2 preseason games left and still a few housekeeping items for Brad Stevens to take care of before the regular season begins. So let’s fill the time with some questions from you and some answers from me. As usual, I want to set expectations low (I’m just a humble blogger with opinions to share) and hopefully exceed them (occasionally I make some level of sense).

I’ve gotta say, I haven’t been this optimistic and excited for a season to begin in a long time. Maybe that’s a bad thing to say out loud (touch wood) but I can’t help it. I mean, every year I’m optimistic, but I’m having trouble seeing a lot of caveats and legit devil’s advocate questions with this team (aside from the usual injury risks that every team deals with).

I will also admit that I’m much less concerned about the 14th or 15th roster spots than I usually am at this point of the preseason. Just tell me who we are keeping and best of luck to anyone that doesn’t make the roster. If any of those guys are significant players in this season then something has gone terribly wrong. And I’m a lot less inclined to worry about long term development projects when we’re all-in to win over the next 2 years.

Still, if you have questions about those items or pretty much anything else, I’m all ears. Or perhaps more accurately I’m all-eyes-on-the-comments-section. Whatever, you get it.

Thanks in advance for your questions which are always top notch! (gratitude and flattery never hurts)

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