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Celtics City Edition Jerseys: cream white meets parquet

The Celtics’ new alternate jerseys for the upcoming season mix the classic colors with a hardwood design

Nice Kicks on X

The Celtics’ new City Edition Jerseys for 2023-2024 are here, sure to bring some variation to the jersey roster and some hot takes about if they are any good to the internet.

This year’s design will serve as an alternate light jersey, with a cream-white base and green drop shadow font. The slightly off-white color is a brand-new take on the Celtics' light colors, a departure from the traditional pure white or standard gray version of the past.

Each City Edition jersey—all designed by Nike—comes with a unique touch, such as the “5280” for Denver or the streetcar letters for Golden State. The Celtics’ appears to be a wood-patterned stripe down the sides, possibly referencing their historic parquet floor.

However, the wood pattern doesn’t include any of the distinct squares of the Garden’s parquet, which feels like a missed opportunity from the designers. The jersey numbers are much more rounded and flowy than the standard ones, a nice touch to distinguish the new model.

Let us know what you think about the new jerseys!

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