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Choose your own SWAGs - Celtics opening night open thread

The season starts tonight! Let’s get excited!!!

Boston Celtics v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Matt Kelley/Getty Images

Typically I start every season with SWAGs (silly, wild, ...amazing guesses). But somehow all my wildest dreams seem kind of realistic this year. Tatum could win the MVP. Brown could be All NBA again. Porzingis and Holiday could be All Stars again. The Celtics could roll through the regular season and win the first ever In-Season Tournament. And of course they could very well raise another Championship banner in June. Predicting any of those things just seems not so spicy as it would have in a different year.

As excited as I am to get this season started, I have to say that I’m blanking on coming up with fun SWAGs. So I’m phoning a few friends and counting on you to provide your own SWAGs. Please leave them in the comments below (and feel free to build upon each others’ or comment on them).

Also, I’m using this post as a good place to gather for an open thread all day (don’t worry, FLCeltsFan’s legendary game preview is coming up later). Enjoy and be excellent to each other!

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