Tatum has taken another leap, but is it enough?

Hi Celtics fans around the world. I'm your crazy older green teamer here to talk some JT. Let's start with this. He is my favorite player in a long time. When he is playing to his potential he does things very few players can do. Other times he drives me to drink. It's his inconsistency that has always driven me crazy. I tell friends, just wait until he gets the strength needed to improve down low and perhaps more importantly for the game to slow down for him. Well folks, I believe Jayson is close to firing on all cylinders, yet he has not reached his peak in my humble opinion. See me in another two seasons. (provided he is here) He's matured both on and off the court, that is clear. He's a great dad and son and has recently stated he is starting to feel like a Bostonian. It's becoming apparent to me that he is becoming more of a leader, playing with more emotion and complaining to the refs a bit less. He's choosing his spots to talk to the refs and when a star learns to control his complaining, the refs will actually listen to him.

He's on his way (perhaps) to becoming the best three level scorer in the league, although there is some fierce competition out there. He doesn't need to score 30+ a game, around twenty 28 is fine with more efficiency and so far so good on that front. He has become a better rebounder and looks like he takes pride when he rips one down with authority. I'm surprised his assist numbers aren't a bit higher, but I think the main reason for that is he's often getting doubled. He is much improved when doubled. He's not forcing it, he's looking for an open teammate and he often finds one who then get's the ball to an open man for the shot. That my friend is the HOCKEY assist and Jayson gets a lot of them. Announcers often refer to that and why it hasn't become a stat yet is beyond me. Look at all the useless stats they have. There is a reason they count the 2nd assist in hockey, it means something and it means something in hoops.

With all that said, here is my concern. Assuming we stay healthy, which goes for any contender, is JT going to be the best (or very close) man when he steps on the floor, because if you have paid attention over the years, the best player on the floor (with great teammates) usually takes home the title.

Can Jayson play consistently in the playoffs and more importantly, is he the man who can take over games in the fourth quarter. I don't know about the rest of Celtics nation, but I watched the 2008 team with three players who could lead us to a win. (You better know who) Going back to the 80's, well let's just say if you don't know the answer to this you are not much of a hoops fan or simply are a young buck.

So Jayson, are you up for the challenge, because if you ask this long time fan, banner 18 can be hung in the rafters if you play great and perhaps more importantly, help your teammates play at the top of their game. Go Celts!

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