Joe Mazzula in his own words...

Hey everybody. Birdfor3 recommended this great interview, done on JJ Reddick's podcast, Old Man And The Three, after I made a comment on Joe's coaching this year. It is a really great interview, and most importantly, shows how Joe thinks about coaching, generally and in various situations. It is very eye opening, and I think will ease many of the criticisms that came his way last year. He wasn't nearly as bad as many felt.

In the interview Joe also delves into the part of coaching that isn't so much X's and O's, but what is going on in the heads of his players. When you get right down to it, that stuff is as important as the play calling.

I would say that this is required viewing for any Celtic fan. It's not a short interview, but being fan's of the team that he is coaching makes the interview go by pretty quickly (unless you have plans to attend to).

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