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Green With Envy: Exploring the narratives

The Green With Envy team dove into the major Celtics narratives.

Boston Celtics Media Day 2023 Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Boston Celtics boast a 14-4 record. They’re unquestionably one of the most talented teams in the NBA this season. And for the most part, they have lived up to their billing as a potential championship-level team. However, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how many wins you amass, or how dominant you appear to be; there will always be questions that need answering.

For Boston, those questions have been primary talking points on social media.

  • Jaylen Brown’s performances and value.
  • A lack of depth at the center position.
  • Joe Mazzulla’s time-out strategy.
  • Jayson Tatum fading out of games when things get physical.

The above bullet points are some of the more prominent talking points that rear their heads after losses or hard-fought wins in games that were deemed “rubber stamps.” While there is certainly some validity to these talking points and any others that crop up occasionally, it does feel like it’s easy to hyperfocus on the negatives because there are so few of them.

So, in a recent episode of the “Green With Envy” podcast, Greg Maneikis, Will Weir, and I dove into some of these questions.

A round robin format saw each host pose two questions, all of which have been significant discussion points over the season's first month. Each question was then given 10 minutes worth of discussion, where we tried to rationalize both sides of the argument. For some, opinions were split. Others, everybody was in agreement.

It’s hard to be objectively critical of a team that has only lost four games all season. However, the Orlando Magic loss certainly provided some food for thought regarding the physicality discussions and specific roles players are being asked to adapt to.

If you want to check out the episode, you can click on the YouTube embed above or find the show on either Apple or Spotify. You can also join in with the conversation and keep up-to-date with the show by joining the Discord channel.

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