Laster Roster Spot: Isaiah Thomas

Yes. I am lobbying for the return of the King of the Forth to the Celtics once again.

Call it sentimental or being in the Christmas spirt, but I think Isaiah Thomas deserved to be re-united with the Celtics once again and be given the proper send off he deserved here.

Honestly, what are we expecting to get from the buy out market for the last roster spot? It will be essentially a bench warmer that will never crack the rotation. We already have players racking up DNPs in Brissett, Banton, Queta, Stevens, etc.

What IT4 will bring back in his veteran leadership in the locker room / bench, etc will pay much more dividends to the team than a player that will likely not contribute anything from the buyout heap. Can you imagine IT4 stepping on the court in green again? The Garden crowd will loose their minds and the energy will be electric. He brought hope, excitement and grit during some of the dog years in the Celtics. He was a true Celtic and changed the culture of this team in a way KG did for the Big Three era.

He has rehabbed and got his legs under him now. He may not have that amazing same first step or speed that game him the edge, but he still has his smarts, footwork and shot making ability to a certain degree from what I have seen recently. We have a lengthy and tough back court/wings that will do a better job covering for him on defense that the team he had to carry day in and day out.

I think its time to reunite with IT4, he deserves to close his NBA chapter the right way and on this team more than any other. He shared the highlights and lowlights of his career and to a degree his life here on the Celtics. Sometimes you make a decision not necessarily because its the best, but because its right. Do it Brad and Wyc.

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