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Jaylen Brown: ‘it’s going to take more than a Jayson Tatum elbow to take me out’

The two-time Celtics All-Star didn’t rule out participating in next weekend’s festivities.

Philadelphia 76ers (99) Vs. Boston Celtics (106) At TD Garden Photo by Erin Clark/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Before the Celtics-Grizzlies tip-off, Jaylen Brown took the floor at TD Garden.

Brown won’t play in the Super Bowl Sunday matinee against the visiting Memphis Grizzlies, but he should be back soon.

The NBA named injury replacements for Steph Curry, Zion Williamson, and Kevin Durant, but have yet to do so for Brown, leaving the door open for the two-time All-Star to rep Boston next week in Salt Lake City.

“I’m feeling a lot better for sure,” Brown said with some visible swelling under his left eye. “Still having a little bit of pain, but feeling better from the first couple of days.”

Brown won’t need surgery after suffering a facial fracture, but will have to wear a mask on his return. There’s still some residual pain from taking a Jayson Tatum elbow to the face on Wednesday night, but after his teammate promised to buy him a car, that could ease the recovery.

“It’s been tough the last couple of days,” Brown joked pregame. “But #%&, if I’m about to get a car, it’d be cool. Are you serious he said that?” When confronted in the locker room with his promise, Tatum pounded his chest. Brown replied, “he lyin’.”

“I’m alright. It’s going to take more than a Jayson Tatum elbow to take me out.”

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