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Will the Celtics land an impact buyout player? (Topic Tuesday)

Boston is in the market for a free agent. Will they get someone that helps?

Philadelphia 76ers (117) Vs. Boston Celtics (126) at TD Garden Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Celtics were able to address the big man depth at the NBA trade deadline. However, they seemingly decided to wait till the buyout market in order to shore up the depth on the wing.

In the past few days, we’ve seen Danny Green linked to the Cavs, Justin Holiday headed to the Mavs, and Terrence Ross lined up to join the Suns.

Another presumed target Will Barton has yet to be bought out of his contract with the Wizards. Will the Celtics be able to land him or will they be passed over again?

Perhaps another discussion topic is this: How much impact could any of these guys make this year? A lot of them are “more name than game” at this point in their careers. None would figure to get a lot of playing time in the playoffs (unless something has gone very wrong).

In theory it would help to have a competent wing to give Tatum and Brown some more minutes of rest. Both are gym rats and probably want to play as much as they can. In addition, Mazzula has frequently needed to lean on them heavily to secure wins. Would a buyout guy be trusted enough to have an impact?

I’ll throw this into the chat as well: If Hauser’s shot looks like it is falling again, he should have more impact on the rotation than any buyout guy. I wonder if his re-emergence is making free agents second guess the amount of playing time they’d get in Boston.

Regardless, I’m sure the Celtics will sign someone sooner or later to fill out their roster. It remains to be seen what level of impact that player will have. What do you think?

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