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Pete Rogers designs some really great Celtics jersey concepts (Read and React)

If you like the Celtics and basketball jerseys, I have some great news

The Boston Celtics have the most beautiful, perfect, wonderful basketball jerseys known to man. This is fact and I will not hear otherwise.

With that said, there’s room for creativity with the uptick in alternative jerseys. In large part the ones that the team has released have been fine. In my humble opinion they’ve been more safe than anything else. And I get it. Nobody wants to upset a fanbase that is as steeped in tradition as Celtics fans are.

Enter Pete Rogers, a Celtics fan that has a talent for designing jerseys and decided to create a concept jersey for the Celtics after every win. He’s been releasing them on twitter on this thread all season long.

Chris Forsberg had the foresight to interview Pete and I’m completely jealous that I didn’t think of this first. See the full interview here.

“I think I hoped I would be making this many jerseys but I didn’t realize how much it would take to make all these jerseys,” said Rogers. “I feel like the first 10 or so I kind of had these ideas already percolating. It was pretty easy to get them on paper. And then, once you get to jersey 30 or 40, you’re thinking, ‘Well, I kind of feel like I’ve done everything.’ So that’s when you have to start getting some kind of wild ideas.”

I’m not going to post all the jerseys here, but I’ll tell you that there’s a reason why the “National Grid oil tank,” the “MBTA,” and the “Dunkin” concepts are the most popular so far.

Regardless, it has become a fun habit to see what he comes up with after every Celtics win. I hope that Nike and the team take notice and implement some elements of his designs for future alternate uniforms.

Which one is your favorite?

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