The View from Here

Not the way a stretch run leading to the playoffs is supposed to go. With 13 games left and home court looking unattainable, the Celtics need to go 11-2 just to even perhaps have a chance at home court in the east. You ALWAYS want home court. Ask KG and PP in 2010 and 2008. It is possible for them to have home court in the finals should they make it that far as they're neck and neck with the Nuggets.

Here's what I like about this team: JT, JB, Al, White, Brogdon. They should be the starters unless RWill is available and even then it might be best to bring him in with Smart off the bench. Speaking of the bench--early on many were saying the bench depth was the strength of the team. How you feeling now?

Here's what I don't like: the Front Office. Yes Brad brought back Al and shipped out Kemba. Brilliant. Yes he picked up White and Brogdon. Excellent! Gallinari would have been a reliable contributor but at 34 I would have needed him to show me before I jumped on the bandwagon. I had high hopes. However once DG was ruled out for the season Brad needed to go all in on finding a replacement. Great if Hauser shows up but that would be found money. Bigs. I think it's clear that RWill will never be reliable enough to pencil him in for 70 games at 30 a night. They had to know this. What was the plan? Love Al--he's a warrior and in my mind is a Celtic in the best sense of the word: selfless, prepared, versatile, dependable, and never gives less than 100%. But Al's old. They knew he was old. So there's your bigs, oft injured RWill and Old Man Al. GWill--I feel for him. He's been a big disappointment this season despite his awesome play against the Bucks last year. Ok so mid season they knew. RWill was not gonna be able to go all 28 playoff games @30+ a night. GWill was floundering. Al would only get older. They had no backup. Ok so why not get Poeltl or Love? Or both? You gonna tell me a Poeltl rental wouldn't be better than what we have now? You gonna tell me Love wouldn't be able to give us 15-20 a night with some scoring and boards?

I've witnessed 6 of Russell's runs and all the others going forward. I've seen the '85 and '87 and 2010 Celtics come close but in the end not make it. Disappointments for sure. When you grow up from the age of 6 or 7 following a sports team they become part of your identity so when they lose it hurts. This team is probably a bigger disappointment than the 3 I mention. Why? Because with the core they have and some astute front office moves they could be poised to bring Banner 18 home. Tell me you honestly think that with Mazz as the coach and the current roster you're confident they'll get to the finals and win it? I'm not. Sports are fickle. So for sure I want to see it play out but I would be shocked if they won the title and less shocked if they exited in round 1 or 2. Believe me I want to be WRONG.

I won't get into any specifics beyond this: jump shooting teams have a difficult time the deeper the run. The legs get tired especially in the finals. There's only 1 Steph Curry and 1 Kevin Durant. I've said this many times: playoff basketball is about attacking and defending the rim. In the last 5 minutes of a tight game I want a guy who can get to the rim for the bucket and possible and 1. And I also want a guy who can patrol the paint and keep the other guys out.
Well if you read all this thanks. I've been frustrated with the team's play the last 2 months and because of last year and how this year started I had high hopes. My father in law who'll be 90 soon is a big Laker fan. He said to me earlier in the season--Celtics are looking good. And I said--it's a long season Ray. Let's see how it goes.

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