New Jaylen Brown NY Times article...uh oh

A story that will likely be gaining traction soon is an interview JB did with the NY times that dropped today.

In it, he called out the segment of Celtics fans, whomever they are, that he says doesn't want him using the game as a platform, the shut up and dribble crowd basically. He called them 'extremely toxic' and that it's 'a problem' for him.

Now I don't have a subscription to the NY Times, so I can't read the whole thing. And sometimes it's tough to truly judge how someone feels if you don't hear their tone. But just based on the quotes you read and that are out there from this interview, it doesn't exactly come off as a guy that truly loves his time in the city of Boston, as he put it when it comes to being a black athlete or even just a regular civilian. He mentions how he wants to start a business, but that Massachusetts has made it difficult. Add in this new millionaire's tax too, and it all adds up to a guy that sounds like he's kinda over the whole Boston and Northeast experience.

And the media is 100% gonna run with this and start the conversation once again about whether or not he wants to be here longterm.

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