Front Office Failures

It is easy to be angry about the mediocre play after the all-star break for our C's. Instead of the complaints about the players why isn't Celtics Nation annoyed at upper level management? We have been playing all season without a strong center. Al Horford is a power forward and to expect him to tangle with Joel Embiid and Brook Lopez is lunacy. Brad Stevens has known for quite some time that Rob William's health is suspect. If RW were healthy he would play. He does not shoot threes. That was the argument as to why other available centers were not brought here. Get the point? If RW isn't an outside threat then any other healthy available center should have been considered, Why didn't we go after a legitimate center so everyone else wouldn't have to cover bigger and stronger players? Everyone is out of position. Last night in losing to Utah we saw JT and JB trying to keep 7-foot centers off the glass. The same for GW. I don't blame GW for the ridiculous final play of the game. That is on our overmatched coach. Joe M could have used JT and JB as decoys and let Malcolm Brogdon take the last shot. I've been watching MB for a long time and he has the clutch gene. Also Derrick White should have been inbounding the ball. JB is a great player. Is he the best inbounds passer in that critical situation?

The only teams we seem to beat consistently are those that lack tall, strong bigs and those that are not fast. A decision was made long ago not to reinforce our roster with a legitimate big. Shame on management to squander this year away especially since we were so close last year.

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