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The future of CelticsBlog podcasts

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Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

As some of you may or may not know, Vox Media has moved away from its podcast offering. As such, the CelticsBlog podcast channel is no longer in effect, but that doesn’t mean the shows on the blog’s feed are gone; they’ve simply moved to a new home.

The Green With Envy podcast will now be taking over the feed that you’re (probably) already subscribed to, so for you, there’s nothing you need to do. However, for the next week or so, while the transition is in effect, you may notice the generic name Boston Basketball Podcast on your feed. That name will be updated shortly and will then be displayed as Green With Envy. As such, please do not un-subscribe from the feed!

Another small piece of news is that CelticsBlog’s Adam Taylor will be reuniting with Will and Greg on the show, bringing the Three Man Weave back and creating some exciting new content across multiple platforms.

If you’re not already subscribed to the Green With Envy Podcast, you can do so on the following links: Spotify, Apple, Green With Envy YouTube, and Adam Taylor’s YouTube.

You may be wondering about the First To The Floor podcast. Have no fear! They’re still going to be producing content. However, they have now moved under the CLNS Media banner and have re-launched their old podcast feed.

If you were/are a fan of their show, you can find their content on Apple, Spotify, and YouTube - each hyperlink will take you to their subscribe page so you can keep up with the awesome work those guys are doing.

CelticsBlog is lucky to have so many versatile and talented contributors, so it makes sense that we point you in their direction in case you were unaware of all the additional content on offer:

Please continue to support these shows! Every one of them brings a unique perspective, just as they do with their writing and coverage of the team. Finally, all of them put in countless hours behind the scenes to ensure the quality is above and beyond what you would expect, and that alone, should be commended.

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