Jaylen Brown doesn't owe Celtics fans a verbal commitment

Despite what some have written on here, Jaylen Brown's lack of verbal commitment to a future with the Celtics does not mean he's out the door. All NBA players have the right to Free Agency in their careers. I hope JB stays! But he doesn't owe it to anybody to verbally committ ahead of time and hurt his own bargaining position. Try to remove your hurt feelings and wipe your teary eyes clear enough to view the situation with a modicum of business sense.

The Fanposts section is currently littered with gassy, unsubstantiated speculation along the lines of "JB has already decided he's leaving." In reality, if you are not JB himself, or have not talked to him about this directly... you know nothing. Posts like those just serve to fracture the fanbase at a time when the C's are looking good and getting ready for a big playoff run. Why even bother worrying about what JB might do a year from now? We just got Timelord back and kicked the crap out of a good team to cap off a long West Coast road trip. Let fans enjoy that! And maybe even try to be a fan and enjoy it yourself! Stop projecting your own feelings onto Jaylen Brown and acting like you know anything real about the situation. The NBA overall has a bunch of "really good but not great" teams at the top and the C's are right there with any of them when they play their best. The playoffs have the potential to be wild from start to finish overall.

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