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Green With Envy: lots to unpack from the six-game road trip

A 4-2 road trip, a seeding battle underway, and lots of adjustments to unpack.

2023 NBA All-Star - NBA All-Star Game Photo by Brandon Todd/NBAE via Getty Images

In the past week, we’ve seen the Boston Celtics fall to the Utah Jazz and then bounce back to overcome an impressive Sacramento Kings team. Throughout those games, we had questionable decisions and big strides forward.

From Grant Williams’ missed game-winner to Joe Mazzulla shrinking his rotations down, the rollercoaster ride has been real, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting off any time soon. Fortunately, there’s been two episodes of The Green With Envy podcast in the last few days, where the guys have attempted to unpack all of the good, bad, and dumbfounding while trying to look at things holistically so they can see the bigger picture.

The first of these two episodes came directly after the Celtics' win over the Kings, so Will Weir and Greg Maneikis can be forgiven for sounding both sleepy and excited at the same time. This episode is the reaction and deep dive into everything that unfolded throughout the contest, including Derrick White’s performance (which hasn’t been spoken about enough) and the return of Robert Williams.

Of course, there’s a healthy dose of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown discussed thrown into the mix, including some thoughts on Brown’s recent interviews with The New York Times and The Ringer.

If you’ve already moved on from the Kings game and are looking ahead at what’s to come, Adam Taylor and Will have you covered with their dive into the potential pitfalls that come with chasing seeding without knowing who your opponent is going to be, courtesy of the play-in tournament.

Would you really want to see the Miami Heat in the first round? What if that meant a series against the Philadelphia 76ers to follow? And then that’s followed up by a potential battle against the Milwaukee Bucks! Seeding is usually a way to control a small part of the journey, but this season, with everything so close towards the bottom of the conference, things are difficult to predict.

Don’t think the guys forgot to look ahead to the Pacers game either, as yet again, the Celtics find themselves heading into a game they should win, against a roster that will play to the very last second if given the opportunity to.

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