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Half of Celtics fans still believe in a championship (SBN Reacts)

49% of Celtics fans believe they’ll win the title this year

Indiana Pacers v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Fluharty/Getty Images

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing in the calendar year of 2023, but in the last two games the Celtics have shown signs of what made them top title contenders at the start of the year.

We polled you to ask if you still believed the Celtics would win it all and nearly half responded with a yes vote.

Of course that means that 51% said they didn’t believe, but some things to keep in mind:

a) The poll was posted shortly after the Jazz loss (and before consecutive wins over the Kings and Pacers). Hey, fans can be emotional.

b) When you compare the team to “the field” the odds of winning a title are actually very small, even for the best teams. Because any number of things can throw a team off course.

Digging a little deeper, we also asked where Boston ranks among the contenders. 33% still put the Celtics first, but there was a pretty wide range for the rest of voters.

Given these results, what are your thoughts on the Celtics chances this year? Has your answer changed after watching the team win two convincing games?

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