Luka Samanic isn’t walking through that door

Old friend Danny Ainge has poached him away to Utah on a 10 day contract.

Personally, I suspect Luka is not a good enough defender to make it to the big club in Boston. With Brian Robb reporting Brad still plans to fill the 15th spot before the final day of the regular season, I continue to be (perhaps the only one) intrigued by the Tony Snell possibility. I know we are already 13 deep, but if anybody gets hurt or needs a blow, I like the thought of having a veteran wing who shoots 40% on treys. (Others have suggested the team might bring in a younger player with the idea of getting an early option on a deal for next season; I’m not exactly sure how that works, although I’m sure others here do.)

And yes, if Joe continues to insist on playing only eight guys, I know it doesn’t much matter what happens with the 14th spot. I wonder if he noticed that when he put in the bench mob in the fourth quarter last night, they immediately cut the deficit in half.

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