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Celtics fans weigh in on NBA Awards

Boston fans pick the MVP, ROY, Most Improved, COTY, 6th Man, and DPOY

Boston Celtics v Utah Jazz Photo by Chris Gardner/ Getty Images

We asked Celtics fans to weigh in on the NBA season awards and here’s what you came up with.

Even Celtics fans have to admit that Jayson Tatum has fallen out of the MVP race. It seems like it will come down to the voter’s preference between big men. Will Jokic or Giannis get a 3rd MVP or will Embiid get his first?

Rookie of the Year seems pretty wrapped up at this point. There’s some conversation being had about giving more consideration to Walker Kessler and Jalen Williams, but this award has had Paolo’s name engraved on it since the first month of the season.

I tend to agree with these results. I know that some people argue that the hardest transition is from All Star to Superstar, which is why Ja Morant won it last year. Also, young players are supposed to improve in their first few years. So it makes sense giving it to a guy like Markkanen who had potential, struggled to realize that potential, and then finally clicked in Utah.

There may be a little hometown bias here among Celtics fans, but you could also argue that Coach of the Year is one of the most vague awards out there. Do you give it to a guy that overachieved based on his roster’s expectations? Or to the team with the best record? How much does circumstance play into things? Like say being thrown into the lead position after the former head coach was suspended and ultimately let go?

My prediction is that Mike Brown gets it. But there are a lot of good candidates, including Joe.

With all due respect to the other candidates, this should be a no brainer. And yes, I’m biased but I don’t care.

It is sad not seeing defending DPOY Marcus Smart even as an option, but even he would admit it hasn’t been his best year. Robert Williams hasn’t played enough to be considered. The Celtics still have a top 5 defense, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

Any other thoughts on the awards? React in the comments below.

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