Tatums rookie 2018 Playoff Team favorite ever

These videos are so nostalgic, great memories! That team was so so special. Played with so much love, heart, togetherness. If the game was there for winning, they win it in the closing minutes. I am starting to think that Tatum's rookie season was the best chance to win the title. That year they got to game 7 in conference final without Hayward and Irving and took a lead in the 4th quarter after Tatum dunked on Lebron and made a 3-point shot. That team was nowhere near as talented as the current team but there were no blown late game leads and no forfeits where they just didn't show up. If the game was there for winning, that team grabbed it.

We still have those core 4, Tatum, Brown, Smart, Horford. Strange when you watch those old videos, those versions look faster than the current versions. I get that with Big Al as he is old, but surprised that the others looked faster in 2018 as these players are still in their prime.

It seems like these players have lost their way and forget about playing for the love of the game. You don't see the energy and the smiles and the celebration together as a team as much.

Ranking my favorite teams ever.

1) This 2018 Celtics team

2) The 1987 Bird team that lost to the Lakers in the finals

3) The 2008 Paul Pierce Team that won the championship

4) The 1986 Bird team that won the championship

These videos are a treat to watch!!! And lets you escape the recent memories of Washington, Utah, and Houston

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