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97% of NBA fans think the Celtics will beat the Hawks (SBN Reacts)

The Celtics and Bucks are overwhelming favorites in the first round of the NBA playoffs (according to fans)

Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

SBN Reacts polled NBA fans across the world to see who they were picking in the first round. Most of the results shouldn’t surprise anyone. Both the Celtics (97%) and Bucks (98%) are overwhelming favorites according to the polled fans. The Sixers and Nuggets aren’t that far behind.

See below for the full results and some of my quick comments.

Embiid might very well win MVP this season and the Nets just don’t have enough star power to make this much of a series. I wouldn’t be surprised if they steal a couple of wins, but this should be a solid win for the Sixers.

Can the Celtics get a sweep? Will the Hawks steal a game? I respect the Hawks offense but the Celtics are a bad matchup for them.

This one could be a pretty exciting series. The Knicks are sneaky good at times, but the Cavs have been very solid all year long. They should win this but it could be interesting.

The Warriors have been there, done that before. They are the classic flip-a-switch team. They are facing the Kings who have ...never been there before (or so long ago it almost doesn’t count). Then again, the Kings have been elite offensively this season. Will they light the beam in the postseason and send the defending champs home?

Well yeah.

Hard to pick either team coming out of the play-in to beat Joker and the Nuggets.

Beat L.A.! Beat L.A.! Beat L.A.!

This would be more of a contest if Paul George was available. Without him Kevin Durant is going to feast. I mean, he probably would have anyway, but now even more-so.

Do you disagree with the results? Any upset picks?

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