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Green With Envy: Time to close it out

The Celtics are 1 win away.

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images

After laying a goose egg in their first road game of the playoffs, the Boston Celtics got back in the win column in Atlanta, leaving them one win away from progressing into the second round of the postseason, where the Philadelphia 76ers are patiently waiting.

Arguably, game four was the most competitive of the series thus far, as both teams came to win, and upped their physicality on both ends of the floor — just re-watch that Trae Young flagrant foul on Jayson Tatum.

“The flagrant foul, I wasn’t mad either,” Tatum said. “I know it looked like I was. I got up real quick. I just wanted to scare him a little bit. But, you know, I know Trae, no harm, playoff foul. I just wanted to get up quick and move on. That’s all it was.”

As the game ended, and fans were heading for the car park, Will Weir and Greg Manekis were firing up a live stream to recap and discuss what they’d seen over the past few hours.

Obviously, the first thing of note was Jaylen Brown plying his trade without the protective face mask after he discarded it following some struggles from the field. Did Brown play better with the mask off? Yes. Did he shout Somebody Stop Me!? No. But he should have!

There was also some love for the monster performances of Marcus Smart — who has been solid all series, and Robert Williams, who continues to be a force off the bench and may have found a role that help carry the Celtics throughout the playoffs.

Of course, no recap pod would be complete without going casting an eye ahead, especially when the next game could potentially clinch the series and generate another matchup against Joel Embiid and the Sixers. Can the Celtics do what they always do and humble the City of Brotherly Love? Or will it be a seven-game slobber knocker to remember? Only time will tell, but Greg and Will both have some thoughts.

The Green With Envy podcast will be back on Wednesday morning as they recap what is hopefully another Celtics win, which means a series recap and series preview all rolled into one wonderful episode. Until then, you can watch or listen to Sunday’s live stream using either of the embded media above.

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