Why this team/organization is screwed

After Game 2, Barkley said that the C's are just a 'bunch of nice guys who are good at basketball'. The question is why that is?

Why have the Celtics pivoted to more agreeable personalities (Brogdan, White, maybe even Grant Williams). I would argue that they've been trying to fix a dysfunctional team/culture from Kyrie era.

The C's are screwed because they cannot do both:

1. Washburn has hinted at locker room issues and infighting. We can only speculate who, but Stevens will likely address this over the summer - with more team-friendly, agreeable personalities. Maybe even a shakeup at the core.

2. But to fix this clubhouse problem, they're going to find more Brogdans and Whites - nice guys that lack an edge. If you want a dawg or alpha, that often comes with the downside risk of a divided team.

Ask yourselves this: if the Celts were to get swept, and the 2017-18 version of Jimmy Butler was on the block, would Brad Stevens acquire? The answer is no, too volatile. Too much risk of exacerbating conflict.

The C's are so mired by dysfunction that they can't take risks on players who are volatile, have liabilities, but a championship edge. It's an inherent contradiction that leads me to believe they should just blow up.

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