Trigger Happy

Man, I really really struggled to get back to this blog. I really struggled to even consider myself a fan of the Boston Celtics. Unlike most, though, it isn't because of this team's play. It is because of the fans and the media. To be honest, my heart was a little bit broken, hearing Kevin O'Connor, our own Kevin O'Connor, start ripping into the Jays and saying, suddenly, how this pairing won't work. Or how all the media is saying that Mazzula should be fired. I mean, Joe Mazzula gave us hope for a championship in the first place. Does no one remember when Udoka was fired. Everybody here thought we were in for a down year. Lots of people called it "lost". But Joe Mazzula, thrown into this fire against some of the greatest coaches of our generation, got us all to believe. But then we turn on him when we forget that this was supposed to be a year of confusion and tumult because of just how smoothly he handled it. And then, of course, once anything goes south, the narrative changes. Players are still mad about Udoka. Only took 100 games for that to come out. The Celtics are tired of "pretending to like each other", apparently. Only comes out when everything feels over.

Then I look at the Heat and wonder why they are so stable. I mean, they weren't in such a different place than where we are now. They lost in the Finals and then got swept in the first round by the Bucks the following year. They came back. Lost to us in the ECF. They came back. They had a rough season that saw them barely making it to the playoffs. They didn't blow it up in the trade deadline. Now they are on the verge of returning to the Finals again. Why do they get to run it back year after year? What makes them so different? Why didn't they need a "major shakeup" after failing again and again? The same can be said about the Denver Nuggets. They kept on losing, kept on failing, kept on underachieving, but they stuck with their team and they broke through. I want a team that is resilient like that. I want a fan base that is resilient like that. I hope the front office and the players can be resilient like that.

I just wish we weren't all so trigger happy.

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