Sometimes, you just have to believe.

Yes, this is a comment about believing in your team no matter what, but it's truly a comment about just about anything in life. Believing in oneself, your spouse/partner, your children, your company, your team is a mindset one should have as it proliferates outwards and can create energy that leads to positive outcomes. I believe because a couple lessons in my life led me to believe in the importance of believing. One sports related. One life related.

The sports one happened in Little League. I was 10 and the team I was on went to the playoffs for the chance to win the city title. My team fell behind by a lot, 7 or 8 runs, so the coaches gathered us together and told us: "You've been good enough to never have fallen this far behind before, but that doesn't mean you still can't win this game. You never know what you can do or what you can overcome until you try your hardest to do or overcome it." They were right. We came back and tied that game but lost in extra innings. But we came back.

The other was when I was a young father and found out my one year old son had cancer. Cancer is a scary word, especially when it's a baby that has it. I had to be strong. I had to do what was needed to be done and make scary decisions at an age that a 24 year old dad shouldn't have to make. But I had to do them with belief. Belief that my son would survive. Belief that what I was doing and the decisions I was making would save his life. Thanks to some incredible doctors and nurses at Mass General Hospital, my son is 35 years old and has led a happy, successful life thus far.

But it was believing that made those two outcomes possible. A great man once said anything is possible, and he is right, anything is possible, but only if you believe.

And I take that mantra to my life as a fan. I like to err on the side of positivity. I like to cheer my team on and not be overly critical of them. I won't bash them after losses or bad seasons. Growing up a Red Sox fan from the early 70's I learned it always best after a season didn't go well to hold onto the old saying of "Wait 'til next year!" because being angry at the guys that brought me joy just didn't seem right. Believing they would do better next year did seem right.

And my believing goes right down to the game and series level. Game 6 1975 World Series, I believed until the end. Game 5 1976 NBA Finals, I believed until the end. 1981 ECFs, down 3-1, I believed in Bird and company. 2002 Superbowl Patriots last drive. 2004 Sox down 3-0. 2008 Celtics game 4 of the Finals. 2011 Bruins down 2-0. 2017 Superbowl 28-3. I believed victory could happen in all of them and was richly rewarded.

I believe still and believe this Celtic team will reward me again. So I have to ask you all.

Do you believe?

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