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NBA Reacts: Conference Finals, Lakers next steps, remembering Carmelo’s career

Results from the most recent NBA Reacts polls

NBA: Playoffs-Boston Celtics at Miami Heat Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The folks from SBN Reacts put out some interesting questions a few days ago (before the Celtics 2 ECF wins).

Here are the results.

To which I say: Challenge accepted!

Again, reminder that the poll was from before the Celtics recent two wins. Also, that word “beating” is doing a lot of work given that the job was and is not done yet. With all that said, I do think it was more surprising (by far) that the Heat are up on the Celtics than the Nuggets beating the Lakers. Jokic is a beast.

I don’t really believe that LeBron James is going to retire, so I have to agree that they’ll continue to build their roster around James and Davis. As of a year ago I would have thought that comical since they weren’t exactly doing a great job of it. However, they’ve made some solid moves in the last year and seem to have figured some things out. With that said, they have some tough free agent decisions coming up.

Personally I think about Carmelo Anthony associated with Syracuse, but I guess I’m an old-head that way. I guess we’ll always have “Olympics Melo.”

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