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Celtics offseason open thread

What’s next for the Boston Celtics? We’ll find out this summer.

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics - Game Five Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Well, the Boston Celtics playoff run is officially over and we’re now in the offseason. This is going to be a very important one for the team (they always are, aren’t they?). Here’s an open thread to discuss the future of the team. I’ll highlight a few topics below (but we’ll for sure get into all of this and more in the next several weeks and months).


Joe Mazzulla was always thrust into a position that wasn’t fair to put him in. The players and the organization seem to believe in him, but he was always a rookie head coach and at times it was really apparent this year.

With the way the playoffs played out, the Celtics do have a decision to make. Do they cut times and look for their 4th head coach in 3 years? Or do they bring in a veteran assistant coach (or a few?) to provide a more experienced voice to the bench? Does that undermine Joe and create a situation where he’s looking over his shoulder should the team struggle early? That needs to be worked out.

Jaylen Brown

Like it or not, this is going to be the summer of Jaylen Brown rumors. He made 2nd team All NBA so he’s eligible for the Super Max extension. I’ll defer to the cap experts on this but the new CBA makes life very difficult on teams that have multiple Super Max guys. Is this duo worth that investment knowing that keeping pieces around them is going to get harder and harder over the next few years?

If not, then there are a whole host of questions with what the next steps are. Do they shop Jaylen? Do they sign him to the Super Max and then try to deal him later? How does Jaylen feel about all of this? Is he tired of being in trade talks or does he want his own team to lead? Does he actually turn down the Super Max? Lots to work out here.

Grant Williams

As we’ve covered in great detail, Grant is a restricted free agent this summer. He bet on himself last summer and at first it looked like it was a great bet. Then he struggled and was in and out of the lineup all year - including the playoffs. He’s clearly a talented player that has value around the league, but does he fit in Boston anymore? What kinds of offers will he get elsewhere? What price point is going to be too expensive for the Celtics? Are there sign-and-trade options? Does the team simply match any offer in order to retain him as an asset? Lots to consider.


On one hand, the Celtics have put together an impressive collection of talent. On the other hand, it didn’t exactly gel at the right times. So I would assume that just about anything is on the table going forward. After the big decisions are made on Jaylen Brown and Grant Williams, there are several trickle-down choices to make.

That could mean some difficult and emotional decisions about well loved players like Marcus Smart or Robert Williams. It could mean moving on from newcomer and 6th Man of the Year winner Malcolm Brogdon. Danilo Gallinari presumably will be healthy again, but he’s also a contract that could be moved. Does the team finally move on from Payton Pritchard or open up a spot in the rotation for him?

The thread is open. Discuss below. Just remember to be respectful and understanding that everyone processes losses differently.

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