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Topic Tuesday: Post your best Celtics trade ideas

We promise not to laugh at your trade ideas (well, maybe a little)

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Trades! Transactions! NBA trade rumors! No, I’m not just posting SEO terms to get my clicks up (but I’m not not doing that either). There are no games to watch till the Fall, so Celtics fans are focused on the offseason and that means coming up with creative ways to improve the roster.

You can be sure that Brad Stevens and his team have been working the phones, laying the groundwork for future moves, developing contingency plans, and working relationships with other front offices. You, of course, don’t need to do any of that. You can just jump on your favorite trade simulating website and propose the most outlandish idea that comes to mind. As long as the salaries line up, it makes sense, ...right?

Well, that is until you post them for everyone to see and they get picked apart like a carcass on an empty road in Arizona. But shooters shoot and you have irrational confidence that you are right and everyone else is wrong or just missing the point. So give us your best trade ideas! We’ll be gentle, I promise.

Feel free to go big with Jaylen Brown ideas. Or feel free to go small by working around the edges by channeling your inner Sam Presti. Make it serious or goofy or just creative for the sake of creativity.

Then as you are reading through these ideas, please use the Rec button to boost up the best ideas. I will read through them and I might pull 2 or 3 of them into my mailbag answers post to feature and give my thoughts on.

Have fun! Oh yeah, and jokes aside, please be nice and respectful to everyone.

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