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Celtics fan trade ideas (from Topic Tuesday)

We asked for your Celtics trade ideas and ...they’re actually really good!

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I gotta say, I’m impressed. Usually trade idea posts are filled with lopsided ideas, trade ideas that don’t follow CBA rules, or flat out bad ideas. You guys are bright though (hey, you read CelticsBlog, so you must be doing something right) and you’ve come up with some real interesting ideas. So thought I’d highlight some of my favorites and comment on each.

Benjamin Torbert

Brogdon to Detroit

Isaiah Stewart, Alec Burks, and Isiah Livers ($ matching) to Boston

Detroit adds Brogdon to a new starting 5 of Ivey/Brogdon/Cunningham/Bogdanovic and Duren or Wiseman. Stewart is a bit superfluous with 3 other young bigs they are trying to develop in Duren, Wiseman, and Bagley. Brogdon, like Bogdanovic, provides shooting, veteran savvy, and leadership to help their other young pieces like Cunningham and Ivey develop.

The Celtics save a little $ on this deal. Burks would combine with Pritchard to replace most (not all) of Brogdon’s production at the backup guard spots. Stewart provides solid big man insurance for Al and Rob.

I think I like this idea the best. As Torbert lays out, we get a useful big man for our depth and Detroit gets a great shooter. I even like the idea of Burks giving us some added depth. Note that the trade works without including Livers (which would save the Celtics money as well).


Brown to Houston.......Ime can sell the idea he resigns

#4 to Wash

#8 and Beal to Boston......Wash gets a better pick and out from under Beals $ for rebuild with lots of fillers & sweetners

I’ll say up front that I don’t think trading for Bradley Beal makes any sense for the Celtics. If you have questions about Brown being worth the Supermax, you should really have questions about Beal being worth it. However, in a scenario in which Brown asks out, you might have to consider something like this.

In another variation, I’d be more interested in the Rockets pick and a player or two off their roster. It would be a step back


Payton Pritchard to Houston for Usman Garuba, probably with some draft compensation going back and forth from each team also.

Payton Pritchard to San Antonio for Charles Bassey, with the same kind of pick exchange rounding out the deal.

Sane, logical moves. I love it. Moves like this won’t make headlines (except on CelticsBlog!) but they seem reasonable, at least from Boston’s side. Pritchard has value around the league, but you’re looking for other guys that are underutilized or seem to be ready to take a step forward.


Boston gets: Porzingis

Washington gets: Grant Williams, Malcolm Brogdan, and a protected 1st round pick

I’d be interested in Porzingis because of the added dimension that he would bring on offense. His defense isn’t as bad as advertised either. In the right environment he could be a very useful player. He’s likely to pick up his player option for $36M but that’s only for one year.

The Celtics would then have to decide if he’s worth investing in long term or if they’d prefer to have his salary come off the books next summer. The latter isn’t idea since you’d be losing an asset for “nothing” but that might be game you have to play in the new CBA. Also, using a pick for only 1 year isn’t ideal either. (I’m talking myself out of this exact trade package, but I’m still open to the idea of KP in Boston somehow).


Payton Pritchard and Malcolm Brogdon to the Clippers for Norman Powell and Robert Covington (or Nic Batum)

Payton Prichard and Mike Muscala to the Timberwolves for Taurean Prince and a future second

I like the idea of Celtics killer Norm being on the Celtics and killing other teams for a change. He’s cheaper than Brogdon and under contract for longer.


Pritchard and a 2024 second rounder to the Jazz for the 28th pick and salary filler.

This would let us keep #35 in this draft as well. So we could take advantage of picks #28 and #35 to try and develop a couple front court prospects. It would help us to start development now so that we may have a prospect or two ready to contribute in a couple years.

Again, it makes sense to flip Pritchard for a low first rounder. You’d have to have a guy in mind that you like at 28, in particular since you’d be locked into that contract for a few years. But I think you are going to see teams shift towards leaning on draft picks to contribute since they are low cost options to fill out a roster.

Well done guys! I appreciate the thought put into these. Feel free to share more in the comments below.

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