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Boston Celtics draft and trade rumors open thread

Let’s discuss any rumors and draft scuttlebutt that you may have heard

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As someone who pays close attention to the usual venues for gathering NBA trade rumors and anything related to the Boston Celtics, ...I gotta tell you. Things are pretty quiet for the day before the NBA Draft.

We’ve heard some very vague and general items of note.

  • Boston would like to use their guard depth to address needs elsewhere
  • Several teams are “interested” in Grant Williams
  • Boston is open to sign-and-trade options with Grant but also willing to resign him at the right price
  • The Celtics are very likely going to offer Jaylen Brown the Supermax
  • Stevens has discussed moving up in the draft with teams
  • The Celtics aren’t interested in Ayton due to his salary

Beyond that, I haven’t seen anything overly credible or specific to players or teams (yet).

With that said, I wanted to give you all a specific thread to post on and discuss things as they come up. If there’s more that I haven’t heard, please share (links are very appreciated).

A few annual reminders:

  • Beware fake accounts
  • Be wary of people breaking news who haven’t done a lot of legit news breaking in the past
  • Follow the thread to the original source - there are aggregating sites and twitter accounts that paint a rumor a certain way that doesn’t always track with what the original news breaker said
  • Always question the motivation for leaking the news - teams and agents always have agendas
  • Many of the rumors we hear are weeks old and stale data that both sides have moved on from (or are trying to revive)
  • Brad Stevens in particular has done a lot of stealth trades and transactions in the past

Of course if we hear of anything substantial we’ll do a separate post about it, but for now it feels like a catch-all open thread is sufficient.

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