Roster Building

It appears that with Mazzula being brought back, the Celtics will like to run it back as much as possible. That probably means no major offseason moves. The roster is ageing in some spots, which can be good when you have a contender, but I think we could revamp a couple of spots on the roster to help set up for the future with two large contracts.

I would not be surprised if Grant Williams left in free agency to a team that's willing to overpay for a player with good 3pt shooting numbers. Gallinari is 35 and we don't know what to expect, so I feel any performance by him is a bonus. Al is aging and it is a clear issue for this team going forward. Smart and Brogdon are both going to be 30 when next season ends, and while Hauser is a nice story of a shooter rising up from the G-League, he is already 25 and I am not sure how much more he will improve. I wanted to find some options that could help us get a little younger, but improve our Big depth, or Shooting. These two trade ideas would be separate as I do not think a large roster overhaul is coming based on the rhetoric from Brad.

First trade idea is:

Payton Pritchard, Sam Hauser, 2024 BOS First to NO for Trey Murphy III.

Murphy is a more effective spacer than either player, and had a solid season last year at 22 years old. He is a very good 3pt shooter, and is listed at 6'8 similar to Hauser. It seems like this would be a solid upgrade over Hauser who contributed very little late in the season.

Alternatively, Marcus Smart and 2 2nd round picks to DET for Killian Hayes, Isaiah Stewart, and James Wiseman

We have excess at the Guard spot, and I feel that Derrick White is our best all around guard on the roster, moving Smart makes room for him to have a bigger role. Hayes flat out cannot shoot, but he is a great setup player on low-ish usage, which I think could help keep the ball moving when the Celtics roster gets bogged down. Stewart is a bit of a Grant Williams replacement, but with a different skill set. He is working on a 3pt shot, and maybe the Celtics shooting coaches can help him with that. He also is a little bit larger than Grant. Finally, Wiseman is a shot in the dark on an athletic 7 footer. He showed that he can play basketball on an NBA floor, which means he could help bolster our Big man depth and possibly develop into something closer to his draft position.

What trades would you be interested in?

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