Tatum concerns

Averages tell part of the story, but Tatum's consistency concerns me. You can pencll in Brown for 20-29 points, but Tatum could go 15 points on 19 shots or 50 points on 30 shots. One thing I check is individual game stats, espectially percentages.

Tatum averaged 27 points onf 46%/32%. Every player has off games, but how often does it happen. Tatum was 40% or less in 7 playoff games about 1/3 of the time. But Tatum is an awesome shooter, except when he isn't. Tatum shot <30% half the time, so half the time our great shooter shot below average to poor at high volume. He also shot bad from distance 5 of the last 6 games against the Heat. Add in the 7 quarters of terrible shooting untill he saved Game 6 against the Sixers. We can live with a little inconsistency in regular season, but we've seen these last 2 years that he can shoot badly for 2-3 games and it gets forgotten when he goes on fire and gets 40+ points.

And remember TO Machine, Jaylen Brown? Tatum is only 0.5 better this playoffs. Brown had 4+ TOs 9 times this post season. Tatum only did it 8 times.

Tatum has improved finishing around the rim, and he's always been one of the best difficlut-shot makers. He doesn't have the go-to move that some other stars have. If anything, his move is the step back 3 from the left wing. Defenses know this and are making it more difficult. His shooting will continue to be hot and cold until his move is rock solid and this counter to the defense is just as good.

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