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Help wanted: we’re hiring at CelticsBlog!

Free agency has started for us, too.

Miami Heat (123) Vs. Boston Celtics (116) At TD Garden Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Update: We’ve closed the application form and sent out notes to those still under consideration. Thank you everyone for all the interest and enthusiasm!

As the Celtics front office continues to re-shape the roster, CelticsBlog is also in the process of adding to our writing staff.

We’re looking for paid contributors in a couple of key areas: 1) daily coverage that includes game recaps, breaking news, etc., 2) the new CBA and salary cap structure, and 3) longform pieces that could include breaking down film, statistical analysis, and editorials.

The position has a monthly quota, so you’d be expected to produce a certain number of posts per week (details will be shared with interested finalists).

We also could use a handful of volunteers. There are no quotas for volunteers, and you are free to write about what you like, but obviously there’s no pay. However, there’s a lot of exposure on the blog and you would have the first opportunity to apply for future paid positions.

Apply for the positions in the Google Form below. Ideal candidates would have links to writing samples published somewhere else (reminder that CelticsBlog has FanPosts which are open to anyone that wants to get started building their own portfolio).

Best of luck and thanks in advance for applying.

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