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Deep offseason open mailbag

Tis the season to talk about the season coming up

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For most people in the month of August, the furthest thing from their minds is the NBA. But you are here along with the rest of us basketball addicts, so we will try to entertain you any way that we can.

For me that means offering up my question answering services. As usual I promise to give honest answers that pull from my experience being obsessed with the Boston Celtics. I cannot promise that I’ll know every answer to your questions and I can actually promise that I’ll be wrong about something (I just don’t know what).

Some ideas for questions might be related to the schedule that was just released, the new In-Season tournament, the FIBA World Cup (which I will admit I know very little about), or perhaps some questions that we will get further into closer to training camp (rotations, fit, expected play styles, etc.). Or you can always go far off topic and ask me about the blog, what I’m reading, pickup basketball, or how my summer has been going (but I won’t be offended if none of that interests you in the least).

As always, leave your questions in the comments section below. Don’t have an account? Sign up! It’s free and painless, I promise. I’ll try to answer the questions by Monday (but if I don’t, just wait longer). Enjoy!

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