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Most Celtics fans don’t see trio of bigs playing more than 45 games together (NBA Reacts)

Fans aren’t too optimistic about the health of Al Horford, Kristaps Porzingis, and Robert Williams III

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As part of the NBA Reacts polling, we asked you how many games you thought each of the Celtics main big men would be playing this season. Below are the results.

It seems like the sweet spot for fans was between 60-64 games for each of them. Horford had the highest totals in that range indicating that fans are most confident about him playing those games. That tracks since he’s mostly missed time for load management reasons in recent seasons rather than significant injuries.

Interestingly the 2nd most popular range for each of them was on the lower side (55-59). Which makes sense. I don’t think anyone is expecting any of these guys to put up iron-man levels of games played.

As an added wrinkle, I wanted to see if people thought the staggering of minutes would keep all three of them from playing very many games at the same time. A large majority agreed with my gut by saying that they would fall short of 45 games together.

Clearly the Celtics title chances will be influenced by how healthy each of these guys is come playoff time. If that means sacrificing a few wins in the interest of keeping them fresh and relatively injury-free, so be it.

Thanks for participating.

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