NBA to crack down on resting stars

The NBA appears will put in place fines for teams that rest stars during nationally televised and in tournament games.

According to the article this will be important to the networks as they negotiate the new TV deals. According to Woj, a star will be defined as any player that has made an All-Star team or All-NBA team over the last 3 previous seasons. For now, that only affects two Celtics: Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and neither gets rested very much. There will be exceptions for older players(35 and older)or players with over 34000 regular season minutes or 1000 total games played.

Also, teams will need to manage rest games for multiple stars, as the league doesn't want more than one star rested in a game. Rested stars need to be at games and sitting courtside and teams will have to attempt to manage home/road rest games and try to have stars rest at home.

I found it interesting that the in season tournament games were specifically mentioned. Clearly the league is thinking some teams might try to bench their stars during the In-Season tournament, as many here on Celticsblog have suggested the Celtics should do, and won't be tolerating stars sitting for this tournament.

The league will be enforcing this through independent medical investigations of claims of stars needing to sit due to injury and if teams are found to be in violation will be fined accordingly:

1st offense: $100,000

2nd offense: $250,000

Each subsequent offense: $1 million more than the previous offense

I'm not sure how much teeth this has in it. I am guessing teams with stars will have no issue paying that fine to allow guys to get a game or two of rest.

This policy should be approved for this season on Wednesday.

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