Summer Report - Bucks

Record: 58-24, 1st in East, 1st overall

Out: Ingles

In: Beasley, R Lopez

Team Aging: Middleton injury comeback, Lopez, Holiday getting older, no significant improving youth, maybe Beauchamp becomes a regular part of the rotation

Summary: New coach, former Celtic Adrian Griffin. Bucks have underperformed their seeding several years, with the exception of the championship year. Giannis did not extend, leaving his options open for a trade or free agency in the future. They have to be in a win now move

Projection: Regular season will probably go down to the top 3 in the east with an emphasis on peaking for the playoffs. First time head coach with a lot of veterans is an interesting combination. Interesting parallel with the Celtics with a good regular season, drop coverage defense that was exposed by the same Heat team. I expect a midseason trade for scoring role players.

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