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Open mailbag: ask me questions about the Boston Celtics

I will answer your questions (results may vary)

NBA: Boston Celtics-Media Day David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The holidays are over, the new year has begun, and the Boston Celtics are a very good basketball team. If you didn’t get the presents that you really wanted, then maybe you’ll get something even better: a question answered by yours truly.

As usual, I offer up my services, not because I think I’m smarter than any of you. You’ll notice that I ask you guys questions all the time via Topic Tuesdays. I just think that you folks come up with some really good discussion topics and I like reacting to them.

Maybe you have questions about where the Celtics rank among the other top teams in the league. Perhaps you have questions about the All Star game. Or maybe there will be questions about the trade deadline and other roster moves.

The mailbag is open and I’m all ears. Leave your questions in the comments section below (yes, you’ll have to register - don’t be shy) and I’ll provide my answers in a few days time.

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