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One-on-one with Derrick White: “We just got a bunch of guys that are focused on the same thing”

In a CelticsBlog exclusive, Derrick White talked about his Dad’s influence, the Old Man and the Three shooting curse, and his relationship with his teammates. 

Houston Rockets v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Yesterday, Derrick White joined the Boston Celtics as they kicked off the 2024 ‘Fit for a Cause’ Challenge with Boston Scientific, a local biomedical engineering firm. The fitness challenge, a collaboration with the Celtics, goes on from mid-January through March, and Boston Scientific employees learn about performance and nutrition, and engage in competitions, in order to raise money for a local community organization to win a gym renovation.

Dozens of kids playfully competed in a variety of fitness challenges, including testing their verticals and jumping ability and sprinting through motion detectors with the assistance of Derrick White and the team’s training staff.

Afterwards, White detailed his fitness routine, which includes a post-game lift to help with recovery, as well as a high-protein diet. Lately, he said, the team has been serving players with smoothies and yogurt after games in order to help them replenish. Beforehand, the typical meal consists of chicken teriyaki with rice, or pasta with red sauce. White was asked if he ever cooked himself, and quickly answered, ‘no.’

“What’s special about ‘Fit for a Cause’ is that it empowers our employees to support local organizations while creating healthier habits for themselves along the way,” said Mary Beth Moynihan, a senior vice president at Boston Scientific. “For the eighth consecutive year, we’re excited to team up with the Celtics for some healthy and competitive fun while also making a real difference in our communities.”

CelticsBlog caught up with White after the event for an exclusive one-on-one:

What’s your favorite thing about these types of events in the community?

Just seeing the community — being a part of it — is always a big thing. Each event has something that they’re focused on. Health, nutrition, and just being active at any age is important, so it’s always good to start young with the kids. That was a good group today.

This is your third year with the Celtics now. What makes this particular group special?

We just got a bunch of guys that are focused on the same thing. Great guys, we all get along on and off the court. That makes it fun to play basketball each and every day. A lot of competitive guys competing.

You may have seen online that many believe your appearance on the Old Man and the Three podcast caused a shooting slump. Do you believe in the curse?

I didn’t believe in it. It’s a long season, there’s going to be ups and downs, and I wasn’t really into the jinx or whatever they were calling it. Just gotta keep shooting, keep staying confident. Try to make some more shots.

Jordan Walsh was recalled – from training camp and the time you’ve gotten to spend with him, what’s been most impressive to you?

He’s going down there, he’s learning a lot, competing, just getting those reps – the NBA game is different, so getting those reps in an NBA-level type game. He’s a kid that just wants to get better each and every day, always asking questions and stuff like that. It will be good to see him again. Even when he’s not with us, he’s still a part of us. It will be nice to have him back.

How often do you think about your dad’s influence – and the fact he counts deflections and those kinds of stats – when you’re actually playing?

I wouldn’t say I’m thinking about it during the game, but that’s just kind of how he’s been my whole life. I just try to do things I need to do to help us win, and that usually results in what he tweets about. So, it kind of just goes hand-in-hand.

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