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Richard White on All-Star selections and the Celtics raising Banner 18

Derrick White’s dad talks about his son’s stellar season so far and a growing relationship with Sam Cassell.

Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

Derrick White’s performance this season have been a pleasant surprise. He’s emerged as one of the most important members of the rotation and has thrived in multiple different roles. White is a connector. He will bend his game to fit what his team needs from him. He remains calm when the pressure is turned up. And he wants to ensure everybody on the floor is involved.

White’s rapid rise may have surprised some fans. However, his father, Richard White, has seen his son morph into different versions of himself throughout his basketball career. It’s nothing new for White or for his family members watching at home. That’s the type of player he is. During a recent interview on the “Green With Envy” podcast, Richard White dove into his son’s style of play and how he’s emerged as such an important part of Boston’s puzzle.

“I don’t know where he gets the calmness from. It’s probably from his mother because I am definitely not (calm,)” White said.

“He’s done that most of his basketball career. If things are flowing well, he just fits in. Now, if things aren’t going well, then he will insert himself. Game 7 against Miami, Jayson got hurt, and then middle of the third, they were down double digits, and Derrick went on, like, an eight-point run or something and pulled it within eight...And then, when he gets it back to a level playing field, then he turns it over to others.”

We’ve seen White step up in big moments throughout this season. We’ve also seen him emerge as arguably the best shot-blocking guard in the NBA. And, as one of the better point-of-attack defenders. As such, White has understandably found himself being discussed as a potential threat to gatecrash the All-Star Game. However, it’s highly unlikely he will make the cut due to the elite-level guard talent in the Eastern Conference.

Being selected as an All-Star would be fantastic for White. It would provide him with the recognition he deserves. However, as his dad pointed out, there is significant competition, and regardless of whether his son makes the team or not, it doesn’t affect his value as an impactful NBA player.

“I think the main thing is just the recognition that he is in these conversations because, like I said, there’s 450 people with guaranteed contracts. I mean, you can look at the list. There are so many good guards in the East,” he said. “...People are realizing the value and whatever. So whether you make the All-Star team or not, just to know that your work on the court is recognized and that people in the know, know that you’re a good player.”

During the episode, Richard White also went through some Boston Celtics game tape and broke down Derrick’s movements, sharing what he saw as someone who helped hone his son’s game throughout the years. There was also some discussion surrounding White’s growing relationship with Sam Cassell, who joined Boston as an assistant coach during the summer.

You can watch the full episode by clicking on the embedded video above. You can find the show on either Apple or Spotify if you prefer to listen via audio. You can also join in with the conversation and keep up-to-date with the show by joining the Discord channel.

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