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Must Cs: two Jaylen Browns are better than one

So, maybe the Celtics will get three All-Stars this year.

Indiana Pacers v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Fluharty/Getty Images

A year ago, Jaylen Brown suffered a facial fracture after a collision with teammate Jayson Tatum and had to be fitted for a protective black mask afterwards. He wore it long after the doctor’s recommendation, Richard Hamilton-style — his mom wanted him to keep it as a precaution — but maybe, just maybe, there was someone else behind the mask:

“They posted it on SportsCenter. Everybody $#%@ing seen it,” Brown said. “Honestly, I’m not sure how I should take it. I guess it is a form of flattery. I know a lot of people got a lot of laughs out of it. It’s cool, I guess.”

The viral video comes from TikToker @ilooklikjb. He started posting after Brown missed a late season game last year and he showed up at TD Garden wearing Brown’s road jersey. He’s now been seen sporting this season’s City Edition. In one of his videos, JB seems to acknowledge the look-a-like fan during a game.

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