Jaden Springer

Here are three separate media folks, all associated with Philly, putting together video compilations of Jaden Springer.

Although all three are very high on Springer, they all acknowledge and point out where he needs to improve. If these folks are accurate in their assessments, the Celtics fleeced the 76er's again. The Tatum for Fultz deal turned out to be a massive steal, but at the time, no one (perhaps other than Ainge and his team) knew it. Plus, if Fultz isn't injured, maybe the deal wouldn't have been so lopsided. This deal may end up being just as lopsided. The C's gave up virtually nothing, and according to these guys, Springer has the chance to be a dominant player in the NBA. Of course, Morey thinks a second round pick will bring them closer to a title than a guy who can shut down Luka and Steph.

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