Detroit plans to waive Gallinari, reports the Pistons beat writer for the Detroit Free Press. He does not cite his source, but this is not some guy in his basement tweeting out stuff he heard from Uncle Louie’s bookie’s sister’s boyfriend. I worked in newsrooms for 20 years (most of them at a sister paper of the Free Press), and that kind of thing does not make it out into the ether unless an editor has confidence in the sourcing.

so assuming this is true, does Brad get on the phone pronto to try to sweet-talk him back? "Unfinished Business" and all that? "Remember dreaming of playing for the Celtics as a kid?" Certainly he brings a skill set neither of the guys we picked up this week does. For that matter, the only shooter we have on our deep bench is Svi, who is streaky.

Don’t get me wrong, there probably are not a lot of minutes for Gallo. But if he really does want to end his career with a ring, understanding Brad made a business decision and swallowing his pride could be good for all concerned.

Then again, if Gallo wants to play the Malcolm Brogdon Pity Party card, he could go someplace like Milwaukee, which has an opening now for a backup big; or back to New York or Denver, where he had a ton of early success. will be interesting to see what happens (and whether Brad even tries to make a play for him). Coming from the "More is More" school of fandom, I can’t really think of a better use for our final roster spot. Gallo clicks all the boxes in terms of shooting with size, and he has also has an underrated handle and floor game. Granted, his numbers this season haven’t been great, but neither have the teams he’s been playing on.

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