So many empty possessions

This comment will be blasphemy to a lot of C's fans. But I have to question Tatum's b-ball IQ. He squanders so many possessions with his off-balance heaves from beyond the arc. The team loses focus and loses momentum and then it gets all chaotic as they try to get it all back quickly. He doesn't strike me as a smart player. We should be more methodical: KP in the post. Jrue in the post. Tatum in the post. More discipline, please!

First half tonight, he's 2 for 8 from the arc--he finished 3 for 10--and this follows the game against the Hawks when he was 2 for 13 (there's 11 wasted possessions right there)!

You know how people say D White and Jrue "give the game what it needs?" Tatum does that when he drives to the hole, not when he's hoisting brick after brick.

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