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Adam Spinella's 2021 NBA Draft Profiles

2021 draft profiles: creating guards

As Kemba Walker ages, the need for an offensive focal point grows. Could this be the time to spend a mid-1st rounder on a lead guard?

2021 draft profiles: off-ball guards

Since Tatum and Brown are primary creators, getting more of a shot-maker than shot-creator in the backcourt would be wise for the Celtics

2021 draft profiles: swing forwards

Adding a versatile 4-man next to Tatum and Brown would make the C’s a massive and skilled group.

2021 draft profiles: first-round centers

While Robert Williams seems primed for the starting center role, now might be the time to draft another big

2021 draft profiles: international first-rounders

Beneath a top tier of domestic prospects are a few overseas names with intrigue and standout skills

2021 draft profiles: A clear top-6

While unlikely the C’s trade their way up, there are six prospects who make this a potentially elite draft class

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