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Boston Celtics Articles

Articles about the Boston Celtics.

Ben Simmons and the myth of player empowerment

While it may seem that Simmons is taking control of his future, don’t forget the other half of the trade equation.

Represent: Jaylen Brown is on the forefront of change

Jaylen Brown doesn’t care how the NBA achieves representation. It just better do it.

Grant Williams’ big chance

As with most of the Boston Celtics, very little went right for Grant Williams last season. Now, he has an opportunity to get back on track.

The effort of Brad Stevens deserves its praise

Brad Stevens has been active in his first offseason in the front office and that deserves a certain level of applause.

It’s your money: breaking down the myth of NBA ownership and who really foots the bill

Basketball is a business.

Why we CelticsBlog

A hearty thank you to the Blogfather, Jeff Clark, our beloved Celtics, and our readers.

Fans from afar: how bleeding green is more than location

Three CelticsBlog staff members describe how they found the Celtics, or how the Celtics found them even thousands of miles away.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown in the age of social media

While some want Tatum and Brown to behave more like KG, their demeanors fit the times.

History Week: revisiting the Celtics comeback win against the San Antonio Spurs last season

A retrospective look at one of the Celtics most memorable wins of last year.

Paul Pierce is more than what the last few years have made him

As he’s enshrined in the Hall of Fame, we should think about Paul Pierce for the right reasons.

CelticsBlog fantasy draft: you decide

Our 2021 fantasy draft is complete. Who won?

Greatness, glory, and The Truth

Before his induction into the Hall of Fame, we celebrate the career of Paul Pierce, a career of great accomplishment and worthy of more fanfare.

CelticsBlog Fantasy Draft: rounding out the roster

We wrap up the supporting cast of our 5-on-5-on-5 teams.

CelticsBlog Fantasy Draft: dynamic duos

Who’s got the more fearsome twosome?

Did the Boston Celtics’ offense get better this offseason?

Why an increase in unpredictability may give the C’s offense a boost.

Knowing when to say “when”: Brad Stevens’ transition to the front office

Stevens seems to be building a team that he would have loved to coach himself...five years ago.

Al Jefferson in the year of our Timelord

‘Tis the season for Robert Williams.

What Josh Richardson adds to the Celtics bench

After extending Richardson for an extra year, it’s time to figure out where his best role is.

NBA 2K trade ideas: Ben Simmons to Boston and Kevin Love a Celtic?

It’s the deep NBA offseason, so why not entertain the absurd?

Charting a course for the 2021-22 Boston Celtics to overachieve

Expectations have been set a little low for this season’s roster, but they have potential avenues to return to the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference

Is Robert Williams’ $54 million contract extension with the Boston Celtics a bargain?

Robert Williams has considerable upside as a game-changing defender, but will he reach his full potential?

Three’s company: Boston continues to build from ground up even with potential Big 3 on horizon

Fans are thirsting for another Big Three in Boston, but this Celtics offseason could suggest a more traditional path to team building.

Dennis Schröder and the incentives of a “prove it” season

Dennis turned down big money to test the market. Long story short, he’s on a cheap deal with the Celtics now. What role does that give him and how will he embrace it?

What does Dennis Schröder add to the Celtics?

Schröder is another shrewd pick up by Brad Stevens.

Five reasons for optimism (and three to pump the brakes) on next season’s Celtics

Things could be looking up for Boston in 2021-22.

What a rapidly improving Eastern Conference means for the Boston Celtics

Several Boston foes made aggressive moves, changing the dynamic for the C’s in the East.

A plan is not a guarantee

Positioning yourself to have cap room and getting the big fish are two very different things.

Dennis Schröder and the Celtics can help each other

Dennis Schröder probably won’t be in Boston beyond this year, but that doesn’t mean the two sides can’t provide what the other wants

Celtics and Dennis Schröder agree on one-year/$5.89M deal

Boston gets strong point guard depth in a move that benefits both sides equally.

Report: Celtics have offered Dennis Schröder a one-year deal

Celtics are looking to address point guard depth on a low-risk, high-reward player.

Report: Celtics have offered Marcus Smart four-year/$77M extension

A max extension for Marcus Smart has been offered, and now the ball is in Smart’s court.

Pros and cons of Boston’s quiet free agent approach

Boston hasn’t done much in free agency. Only time will tell if that silence is for the better