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Articles about the Boston Celtics.

Making history goes both ways

While the Boston Celtics want to make history, the Miami Heat will want to avoid it.

The impossible

The Celtics have a chance at immortality.

Malcolm Brogdon (right forearm) ruled OUT of Game 6 in Miami

Boston went without Brogdon for the second half of Game 5.

Jayson Tatum could be an All-NBA defender

The Celtics’ star has been wildly inconsistent on the defensive end in these playoffs. But when he’s at his best, he can be a top-5 defender and the face of Boston’s defense.

Surviving the Miami Vice

The Celtics have withstood the Heat’s unrelenting competence for two straight games.

Joe Mazzulla has the Celtics cooking now

If you can’t stand the Heat, get out of the kitchen!

Celtics get another one, beat the Heat 110-97 in Game 5

Don’t let them get a third one . . .

The Celtics finally won the turnover battle in Game 4. Is that a good omen?

Boston committed just 10 turnovers against Miami’s 15, the first time all series that the Celtics have had fewer giveaways.

How the Heat might use their margin for error, and how the Celtics can counter

Up 3-1, the Heat don’t need to change too much, and that might be their biggest problem.

How Malcolm Brogdon’s injury affects the Celtics

Could Payton Pritchard or Sam Hauser get some run if Brogdon’s minutes continue to dwindle?

Three reasons why the Celtics are the perfect team to come back from an 0-3 hole

Teams down 3-0 in the NBA Playoffs are 0-150. But if anyone can make history, it’s Boston.

Celtics scrambling to rediscover identity with season likely over

The Celtics’ players began talking about a defensive focus. Joe Mazzulla maintained his message of offensive management. Now, it’s worth asking if it’ll resonate next year.

Joe Mazzulla has lost the plot

Boston's head coach needs to find answers and the Celtics’ identity, and fast.

The Heat deserve plenty of credit up 2-0

Celtics vs. Heat is a battle of man vs. machine.

“Everything is connected”

In a Game 1 loss, the Celtics learned yet again that the invisible forces of basketball — momentum, confidence, intensity — are all within their control.

Derrick White can bring the heat to beat the Heat

Derrick White has been slumping in recent weeks, but the upcoming series against Miami could bring the best out of him.

Pace and patience: how the Celtics found the right offensive tempo

Pace is important, but it’s not the only thing. To play at their best, the Celtics need to find the right offensive tempo.

Jimmy neutralized?

Can the Celtics contain Miami’s Mr. May?

The Robert Williams conundrum

Robert Williams will start Game 1 against Miami, but he might be better suited off the bench.

Celtics need to win mental game against the Heat, and that starts with Al Horford

The veteran brings more to the table than just his on-court play.

Celtics players grabbed the wheel from Joe Mazzulla with season on the line

Between a starting lineup change and conversations in huddles, the Celtics’ players assumed responsibility from Joe Mazzulla, while holding him accountable with the season on the line.

Riding the emotional rollercoaster with the Celtics

Every playoff series is stressful, but the Celtics are a heck of a ride this year.

Celtics force Game 7, beat the 76ers 95-86 in critical Game 6

Boston’s role players showed up to save the season before Jayson Tatum shut the door on the Sixers.

It’s time for some Celtics Pride

Win-or-go-home - so you gotta win.

The Celtics could finally be in their comfort zone

Boston loved playing with their backs up against the wall during last year’s playoff run. Now, they have a chance to do the same.

Celtics missing key ingredients from last year with season on the line

The Celtics surprisingly play for their season in mid-May at Philadelphia on Thursday. The trends that set up their potential elimination doesn’t make it a stunning.

Time to finally find out what these Celtics are made of

It’s now or never. Can they keep their season alive?

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum both make All-NBA teams

Both of Boston’s star players now have the opportunity to get significantly richer.

It might be time to rethink the Celtics end-of-game pecking order

Jaylen Brown is averaging 25 points on 55% shooting and 47% from three during these playoffs, but he ranks 6th in fourth quarter usage rate during the Sixers series. Something isn’t adding up.

Derrick White earns NBA All-Defensive Second Team honors, Marcus Smart made neither team

Derrick White earns a nice bonus while last year’s DPOY missed placement completely.

Leadership takes many forms, but don’t question its existence with the Celtics

Boston doesn’t employ the same outward-facing style they displayed last season, but their leadership still runs deep.

The Celtics are all business, all the time

Boston’s level-headed nature has defined their season.

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