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Boston Celtics Articles

Articles about the Boston Celtics.

Marcus Smart (ankle) ruled out of Game 4 against the Heat, Robert Williams (knee) to suit up

Classic good news, bad news situation in the most pivotal game of the season.

Grant Williams and P.J. Tucker are in an unspoken battle for glue guy supremacy

Both make up for a lack of height with incredible heart.

Celtics fail to come back from down 26 in Game 3, lose 109-103

Boston did literally everything wrong in the first half and ran out of time to dig out of the hole.

Cracks in the dam: injuries and absences are taking their toll on the Celtics’ defense

Boston has an embarrassment of riches in terms of individual defenders, but having two of them sidelined is a serious issue.

Report: Marcus Smart (foot) “aiming toward” Game 2 return in the Eastern Conference Finals

Smart’s presence on the court instead of the bench would be a massive boost.

NBA Playoffs Preview Guide Celtics vs. Heat: Bam vs. Boston’s bigs

Miami’s Adebayo is the best center in the series, but a bullpen of Boston bigs could neutralize his presence.

Exorcising the demons

The Celtics have the rare chance of amending mistakes of the past. Can they deliver?

Marcus Smart (foot) questionable for Game 1 of the ECF, Rob Williams has no restrictions

Boston is hoping this is a short-term appearance on the injury report for Marcus Smart.

The Celtics must defeat their own worst habits to defeat a version of themselves

The Celtics must learn the same lessons the Bucks learned last year in order to achieve the same goal.

Recovering from the gut punch game

Every fan handles these situations differently. How do you move on after that last Celtics loss?

Brook Lopez is becoming a Boston problem

The seven footer has made an impact on both sides of the floor.

Al Horford, the hero we need

The Celtics big man might as well have worn a cape in Game 4.

Robert Williams to miss pivotal Game 4 against the Bucks with left knee soreness

Huge blow at a really bad time for a Boston team that will need everything it can get to even the series.

The Celtics didn’t solve Giannis in Game 2. But they did start laying the blueprint.

No one can contain the unicorn-like two-time MVP. But the Celtics showed signs of being able to deter him. That may be enough.

The Dork Knight and other scattered thoughts

Grant Williams has made himself quite a bit of money with his play

Marcus Smart (right quad) upgraded to probable for Game 3 against Milwaukee

Boston’s already stout defense would get another boost with the return of the DPOY in a pivotal Game 3.

Ime Udoka has prime chance to show his chops in Game 3 against Bucks

We’re about to find out just how good Boston’s head coach is.

Marcus Smart (right thigh) ruled out of Game 2 against the Bucks

Boston faces an even steeper uphill battle with an 0-1 series hole.

NBA Playoffs Preview Guide Bucks vs. Celtics: three-pointers will determine second round series

Can the Celtics capitalize on the Bucks giving up a ton of 3’s?

Jrue Holiday is the semifinals’ ultimate x-factor

The fates of the two would-be Eastern Conference Finalists might hinge on the play of Milwaukee’s 31-year-old guard.

Milwaukee vs. Boston is a role player’s paradise

Trying to stop Giannis is a fool’s errand.

How players-only meetings keyed Celtics turnaround

Ime Udoka acknowledged giving the Celtics time to speak amongst themselves each month was a part of his team goal to hold each other accountable.

An ode to Grant Williams, his defense against Kevin Durant, and a potential date with Giannis Antetokounmpo

Williams was vital in the Celtics’ sweep of the Nets.

The Celtics are nowhere without Al Horford

Without Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, the Celtics are nothing. But the sage vet’s return to Boston has proven just as pivotal, if not more so.

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum embracing leadership roles

Ime Udoka wanted Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum to embrace leadership positions on the Celtics. It took time, but they’ve arrived.

There are shades of 2008 but this Celtics team is uniquely their own

Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships.

Udoka: “I’m the guy that will never count something being done until it’s done”

Celtics head into Game 4 with unfinished business.

Grant Williams is the hero that Boston deserves

Boston’s Batman helped keep the Celtics afloat in their Game 2 win over the Nets.

Game 2 was a microcosm of Celtics regular season

Team resilience fortified by adversity. That’s been the recipe all year for Boston.

Celtics rally back from down 17 to take 2-0 series lead against the Nets, win 114-107

The Boston Celtics are two wins away from knocking out Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in the first round.

Kyrie Irving fined $50,000 for interactions with Boston fans in Game 1

Irving knew this was coming but let the birds fly anyway.

The metamorphosis of Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart claimed he was the point guard the Celtics needed, and he’s come a long way to prove he was right.