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Michael Spooner has been following the Celtics since Antoine Walker's first wiggle in front of the Garden crowd. He joined Celticsblog in 2022, writing under his pen name Wayne Spooney, which he adopted while writing for fun on Reddit (and now it's too late to turn back). He is also a co-host of the "First to the Floor" podcast on the CLNS network.

How do you Jrue?: the versatility and fit of Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday is doing everything he’s asked, and just a little bit more.

Three leaf clover: Tatum in the clutch, Joey Curveball, and hating the Sixers

Tatum’s improving post-game, Joe throwing different defensive looks, and the clean fun of hating Philadelphia.

Three leaf clover: Brown and Porzingis chemistry, Hauser finding his level, and the sting of losing

Jaylen Brown has been finding Kristaps Porzingis, Sam Hauser has come around, and losing stinks.

Three leaf clover: Jaylen impacting winning, Derrick THE point guard, and the bench!

Jaylen Brown is doing the little things, Derrick is solidifying his point guard-ness, and the bench finds its groove.

In defense of the bench

Yes, it’s been bad, but it’s not all their fault.

Three leaf clover: Jayson the giantslayer, signs of a great defense, and sad excitement

Tatum flashed the finishing bag, the defense started to figure it out, and a little bit about my dad and basketball.

Three leaf clover: KP the deterrent, versat-AL Horford, and when talk turns to action

On this episode, we talk Kristaps Porzingis’ rim defense, Al Horford still doing it all, and everything starting to click.

How does Jaylen Brown compare to other star wings? Part 1 - offense

A statistical deep dive comparing Jaylen Brown to other star scoring wings.

Three Leaf Clover: Payton Pritchard’s playmaking, Svi Mykhailiuk’s offensive mind, and in defense of Derrick White

PP and Svi have led a fun Celtics bench squad in three preseason games, while Derrick White is left off ESPN’s top 100.

Three Leaf Clover: Media Day, the second apron, and Holiday in the pick-and-roll

There’s nothing quite as contradictory as media week, our first taste of the new season just leaves us wanting more.