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Sara Jane is a journalist based in Connecticut/New York City, and has been covering both Men's and Women's basketball for three years. She joined CelticsBlog this year, and is also a writer for Ballislife. She is also a sports content creator on Twitch, TikTok, and Youtube, and graduated from the University of Connecticut, with a degree in Economics.

The Celtics were tested with the In-Season Tournament, and now it’s time to learn from it

The Indiana Pacers defeated the Celtics 122-112 in an electric, must win knockout round. While some dislike the tournament, it provided Boston a playoff type atmosphere.

Jayson Tatum on Al Horford: “Everybody loves and respects him.”

Al Horford might not be a nightly starter, but he’s showing the Celtics why he’s still an important factor.

Milwaukee Bucks (10-4) at Boston Celtics (11-3) Game #15 11/22/23

The Celtics will face off against their Eastern Conference rival for the first time this season.

Boston Celtics (8-2) at Philadelphia 76ers (8-2) Game #11 11/23

The Celtics will face off against their Atlantic Division Rival for the second time this month.

Sam Hauser is the secret weapon the C’s desperately need

After the Celtics 114-98 victory over the Knicks, head coach Joe Mazzulla hilariously played coy over the emergence of sharpshooter and defensive stopper.

Celtics pay special tribute to the late Heather Walker

The team renamed their media workroom after long time PR executive Heather Walker who lost her battle with brain cancer in April.

Jayson Tatum hits new milestone: “I just try to make good things happen on the floor”

In Sunday’s 117-94 defeat over the Toronto Raptors, Jayson Tatum posted an astonishing +40 on the court.

Boston’s biggest concern: shooting woes or lack of Celtics bench production?

Boston dropped their second straight game as their offensive struggles continue. While the Celtics will likely pull it together, there are some ways they can better execute the offense.

Jaylen Brown has silenced his biggest critics—for now

Brown scored a season high 36 points in the Celtics 126-107 victory over the Washington Wizards Monday night.

Is this the best starting five in Celtics history?

In Boston’s 119-111 victory over the Heat, the Celtics starting five scored 111 points. This could be the best starting unit the franchise has ever seen.